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About us

We seek to provide the best safety products and solutions, build lifetime relationships, share the Safpro culture, and ultimately better the lives of our customers.

What we do

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Hello ! We're Safpro, a team with a passion for improving our client's workforces'  safety and welfare.

Safpro are PPE, Safety Footwear, and Workwear specialists. We have in-depth experience with the specifying and supply of solutions to the support services sector and offer much by way of technical and service support.
We offer tailor made solutions to our clients covering inhouse branding, dedicated stockholding, next day delivery, and an online management tool offering full reporting capabilities and cost management.

We have continued to grow and develop our product offering, so that we are now a leading supplier to the support services industry in the UK. But it doesn’t stop there; we’ve got some great aspirations and big goals for the future.

Meet our team

We firmly believe in focusing our team on supporting the customer and we invest in regular training to promote a culture of continuous improvement, and to enhance your dealings with Safpro. Every team member within Safpro is vital for maintaining our outstanding customer service. Here’s a few of our team for you to have a closer look at, and learn some interesting facts!


Roy Jones

Sales Director

Roy is a long term member of the sales team at Safpro: probably the longest term member in fact.  As well as overseeing the company sales activities, he manages key client relationships and engages with prospective clients at executive level.  When he’s not navigating the highways and byways of the United Kingdom on his appointments, which just by the way takes up about 85% of his working week, you will probably find Roy tucked into his office poring over spreadsheets and sales reports.


Royce Devenish

Business Development Executive

Royce is an established member of the Business Development team at Safpro. By mixing his friendliness and good-nature with his passion and industry knowledge, he is continually forming lasting relationships with current and prospect clients.At work, he has a fetish for Excel but arguably his favourite thing is an open pack of chocolate-coated hobnobs. And it doesn't differ much in his spare time, although he would love to live out in the wilds of The Great Outdoors. Feel free to reach out to him because he would love to speak and understand your challenges.




Richard Simmonds

Operations Director

A self-confessed ‘details freak’ Richard is responsible for the continuous and smooth whirring of that labyrinth of racking, floor paint and pallets commonly otherwise referred to as the warehouse.  (Random fact: WHARF stands for Ware House Along River Front, not that that has an awful lot of relevance here).  He will often be found here spinning a yarn with the ‘lads’ or – his # 1 guilty pleasure we reckon – even packing parcels.  There’s not much that escapes his attention and he’s willing to offer advice on virtually any subject or situation he encounters.  Long live R. Simmonds Esquire!


Junior Simmonds

Marketing Manager

Junior is a skilled marketer and the conceptual mind behind bold and bright ideas. He has an eye for the smallest detail which defines his work.


John Large

Area Sales Executive

John is an indefatigable and zealous member of the sales team whose race to conclude things in the fastest possible manner once prompted a colleague to entitle him a ‘one man whirlwind’.  But spending 60% of his time on the road probably justifies this to ensure he accomplishes everything during his desk days.  With 14 years’ experience in the industry, he has an extensive grasp of what goes wrong, what goes right and most of all what will work for almost any individual situation.  Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, John likes meeting people and loves a challenge so any problems you have, please get in touch!


Rosanne Dowding

Customer Service Executive

Rosanne epitomises integrity, energy, creativity and efficiency all in the 2 words it takes to say ‘Customer Services’.  Order processing, new logo set up, customer website updating, phone answering and quotations…  you name it, she probably takes care of it!  But there’s one comment she’d like to pass on: “I’m not number one, YOU are.


Harrison Simmonds

Business Development Executive

The new boy on the block, Harry landed here 2 feet first in June and has the unofficial title ‘The Breath Of Fresh Air’.  He is a fitness freak and budding business development expert in that order (whose latest thing is to forego his chair for a gym ball at his desk) with a penchant for practical jokes. In the office his desk is always organised and orderly, a characteristic which also persists at home.  We’re convinced his effervescent enthusiasm will take him far in the world of business.


Damian Jones

Procurement Manager

Damian, in his capacity as procurement manager, is rarely idle.  If he’s not liaising with suppliers, analysing product usage or sourcing new products, he’ll probably be helping a colleague with a technical issue.  Always on the qui vive, Damian evaluates every facet of current spending activity to secure cost savings where possible which in turn are passed on to our customers to ensure they have the best possible price and service. As usual.


Gerry Simmonds

Managing Director

Chief of the Safpro clan, what Gerry doesn’t know about the business most likely isn’t worth knowing.  Having started in 1992 he could reminisce at length about the changes he’s seen but actually prefers describing how to cook the perfect burger.  While easy going and affable by nature, no one doubts Gerry’s authority – he is direct and decisive when he needs to be.  More often than not you’ll locate him in the depths of his office chair but there’s not a lot happens amongst his staff that doesn’t escape his attention, whether professionally or personally.  Negotiating the best for both business and staff with the management team fills Gerry’s time as 1 part counsellor, 1 part optimist, 2 parts MD oh, and 3 parts foodie.


Monika Dziedzic

Accounts/Sales Ledger

Industrious, diligent and always willing to help Monika oversees the sales ledger and the general ledger side of accounting at Safpro.  In addition to creating and sending the sales invoices and statements, she realises the importance of timely deliveries and thus endeavours to resolve invoicing issues and ensure new client accounts are set up promptly.  Monika’s qualifications include an MBA, AAT level 2 Certificate in Accounting and AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting.  A busy mother of 2, Monika isn’t limited entirely to accounting; she is also an expert baker of cakes although she omits to include this in her list of qualifications!


Annette Webber

Purchasing Executive

Annette spends her time communicating with both suppliers and customer services to ensure orders will be here in time and relay the message if not.  Net result? Customer gratification and cost control.  Because you’ll find at Safpro there is only one department: Customer Satisfaction.


Bob Jenner

Key Accounts Manager

In describing someone who is persistently helpful, cheerful and courteous we have condensed the summary to 2 words: Bob Jenner.  With his knack solving almost every complication heaved in his direction and an uncanny adroitness for hearing the most infinitesimal whisper regarding any of his clients, we like to consider him a liaison between customers and company.  Growing and developing existing clients absorbs most of his attention most of the time with frequent breaks to indulge in after-sales support.  His other – very occasional – indulgence is dad jokes…


Roxy Simmonds

Customer Service Executive

Roxy is pretty much the main person here – when it comes to processing the sales orders at least.  Since starting in August 2016 she has familiarised herself with the customers and their requirements to the extent that she’s now an expert with the minutiae of their accounts.  She also handles with ease the quintessential task of giving our clientele the very best service they can have so they come back for more.  Service with a smile?  That’s us.


Alister Webber

Credit Controller

Alister would like to live in a world of clutter free desks, innovative accounting and jelly beans available on prescription.  Our resident authority on accounts with 2 levels of the AAT course under his belt and climbing, he is normally consumed managing supplier payments, managing (timely) debt collection, reconciling supplier accounts, composing creative emails for debt chasing, setting up new supplier accounts… you get the gist.  A forward-thinking individual, Alister aspires to work one day in an office where paperwork is extinct and there is a shortcut for everything.  Even shortcuts.


Anna Raine

Customer Service Executive

Anna is a dedicated member of the Safpro Customer Care Team who is always willing to lend an ear and help out with anything Customer Services related, from answering phones to arranging returns. Oh and she’s sometimes known as the ‘office mum’.


Deryk Juby

Technical Support Executive

We sometimes wonder if Deryk is a circus performer who has missed his vocation.  He is a magician who transforms complex technical data into coherent jargon for our customers (also staff where necessary) and a comedian whose droll observations initiate an air of merriment.  He knows in detail the importance of having the appropriate PPE and is always willing to pinpoint the necessary apparatus for any requirement.  Deryk can often be found attending customers’ needs in the SafetyStore.

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