Safpro have over 40 years experience in the supply of Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment solutions to the Support Services industry across the UK.

We have built up an enormous amount of knowledge in the particular requirements of this sector, and are dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure we meet their existing and future needs.

Safpro continue to be committed to the requirements of exceptional customer service and product excellence that our clients expect, and see that these aims are continually reviewed and evolved as we travel together towards even greater goals for your industry.

40 years experience the supply of workwear and ppe
exceptional customer service and product excellence
working with our clients to develop their future

wisdom and security to keep you safe

The selection of ‘fit for purpose’ PPE is obviously of paramount importance and we can advise and specify with confidence. Some of the important service we offer are;

technical advice on correct selection of respiratory protection for use against asbestos, chemicals etc

fall arrest equipment certification

respiratory service centre


registered face fit testing centre – a legal requirement for all mask users

breathing air quality testing

Manage my Workwear

Manage My Workwear is a powerful online Workwear management solution, fully integrated into our order processing system. It is a fast, efficient and simple method of ordering and managing your Workwear requirements. It is designed for companies that have a large number of wearers and any numbers of locations and allows for selection from a pre-determined range of approved products.

This system takes the complexity out of ordering for many individuals carrying out wide varying job roles each with specific requirements, at many different locations. It will then pull all this information together and allow managers to view the complete purchasing picture. Usage can be managed by a simple points per category function. This gives the wearer an allowance for different product categories, e.g, workwear, footwear, tools.



We can manage the process of allocating asset numbers to every piece of access equipment that we supply to our clients. We will fix the ladder inspection tag holder to the item, allocate an asset number from a bank of numbers issued by the client, and provide the client with a record of every item supplied, its asset number, and the operative it has been issued to. This ensures that every new item purchased is known and traceable by the client from day one to enable accurate inspection recording.

system generates unique id code for item tracking

system allocates customer’s asset number to item

tag is produced and fixed to item before despatch

customer details updated with item asset number and user

Developed specifically for the support services industry, Organisa is a unique product that is ideal for mobile service engineers or technicians. With a versatile Organisa holdall, your PPE is stored in individual compartments, preventing damage and ensuring they are fit for purpose – and there is also a record card that allows for quick and accurate audit checks by Health & Safety Officers. You can also add your company logo to increase brand awareness and show your customers you take safety seriously.

Manage my Workwear


A place for everything & everything in its place. Individual compartments keep everything in order, giving you easy access to all your PPE, whenever you need it.

Manage my Workwear


Reduce costs on lost or damaged PPE. The durable Organisa holdall is the ideal PPE storage solution, protecting and preventing damage in the van or on site.

Manage my Workwear


Spot checks by Health & Safety Officers? No Problem. Organise your PPE effectively, with our clear internal pocket for quick access to your record card and content list.

Manage my Workwear


Protect your team & build your brand. Apply your company logo to the Organisa to promote & build your brand image.


When you order using the Wearerpack Module we will individually pack your orders with each wearer’s own requirements to ensure a smooth issue to your employees.
Each item that you order will arrive at the relevant branch neatly packed into a clearly labelled box with the individual’s name along with a copy of the order.
Not only that, but our system will also store details of all your previous orders, making re-ordering simple and hassle-free.

In-house branding

Your uniforms should not only perform, they should also promote your brand.
Our specialist experience means that we can expertly personalise your garments in house, with our innovative technology allowing us to brand over 2,000 items every day – so you can be sure we can meet the most demanding of deadlines!
From embroidery to high quality transfers, let us help you create the right impression and
promote your brand while meet safety criteria standards.

Technical support and training

With the ever-changing demands of today’s market, we know how important it is to keep up-to-date with the latest industry standards.
That’s why our dedicated support team is available all day, every day to give you the very best level of technical support and product knowledge, while our expert account managers are also on hand to answer your queries as quickly as possible. After all, it’s in our interest to be ahead of the game.

delivery within 24 hours

Our delivery service is world-class and with Safpro you can be safe in the knowledge that every order you place is tracked through our system to ensure accurate and efficient delivery.
We understand that time is money, and that’s why we also hold dedicated, ready-branded stock in our warehouses so that we can deliver your stock order within just 24 hours of processing your request.